Rates Silver Banner 300x300
• up to 2 hours 450€
• up to 3 hours 600€
• up to 4 hours 700€
• up to 6 hours 900€
• up to 12 hours 1200€
• up to 24 hours 1800€
• additional day 800€
Rates karina 500
Rates rebekka 500
Rates nora 500
Rates clara 500
Rates sophia 500 2
Rates alexandra 500
Rates olivia 500
Rates Gold Banner 300x300
• up to 2 hours 550€
• up to 3 hours 700€
• up to 4 hours 850€
• up to 6 hours 1100€
• up to 12 hours 1500€
• up to 24 hours 2200€
• additional day 900€
Rates victoria 500
Rates emily mre main
Rates carolina 500
Rates Platinum Banner 300x300
• up to 2 hours 650€
• up to 3 hours 850€
• up to 4 hours 1000€
• up to 6 hours 1300€
• up to 12 hours 1800€
• up to 24 hours 2600€
• additional day 1000€
Rates elisabeth 500

We would like to advise that Modern Romance Escort© solely renders a conveying service.


For dates in the models home area there will no travel expenses be charged. The travel expenses of the model you can find on her profile.
For national dates (over 300 km) only the sprit/train/flight costs will be charged, for Europe wide dates 50€ + sprit/train/flight and for worldwide dates 100€ + flight.


Please hand over the agreed fee (+ travel expenses) into an unsealed envelope unsolicited at the beginning of the date.
With us you will also have the possibility to transfer the fee in advance.


Usually the models are only get payed using euro. But we also accept Swiss franc, British Pound or American, Australian or Canadian Dollar.
In case of a payment using another currency than euro there will be 5% extra charged to the actual exchange rate.


If you would like to book a model outside her home area, a deposit payment of 25% of the fee plus travel expenses will be charged. You can transfer the deposit payment per usual bank transfer, PayPal or Reisebank/Western Union.


So that our models are all student or do already work our agency is not designed for short-term bookings.
For sure you can absolutely try to book a model some hours before the date (if it is in the model’s home area), but we cannot give a guarantee for the availability of the date.


For national, Europe wide and international dates we created more client-friendly travel rates for enabling our high class escorts more often an international journey.
More informations about travel companionship you will find here.


It is your first escort date and you do not know how such a date processes, what to talk about and how to act like?
Our Book on Etiquette is just made for you and your demands and questions.


Your plans have changed and you need to cancel your date? No problem. But please do it in time! Dates up to 8 hours booking duration should be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, dates up to 24 hours at least 48 hours in advance and dates from 48 hours should be cancelled at least 3 days in advance.
If you will not be able to meet the deadline our agency will need to keep the deposit payment for compensate the model.