Made for late risers and breakfast lovers…

You would like to have more time with your chosen high class escort – not only on the evening but also in the morning. Enjoying also the morning hours in a tender and smooth way?

You will love the late risers package!

It is perfect for spending some romantic or nasty time in the morning. Waking up beside a beautiful lady is great but getting some breakfast together would be even greater. Just try it!

Package for late risers package late risers 150x150

Bed & Breakfast

Let’s be lazy and cosy! Order your breakfast to your hotel room in the morning and enjoy it together. Make your overnight date a relaxing and memorable experience. Turn it into a short vacation and take a break of from daily life.

Package for late risers Silver Banner 150x150
• up to 16 hours 1400€
Package for late risers Gold Banner 150x150
• up to 16 hours 1750€
Package for late risers Platinum Banner 150x150
• up to 16 hours 2100€