Welcome to our Feedback Page

Often our escort ladies ask us why they are receiving feedbacks so rarely. We are always trying to tell them that most of our clients are very busy and do not have time or motivation to write a detailed feedback for them.

Our models are really looking forward to receive an acknowledgement about what you liked most about your date. But they would also like to know what they could improve.

So even we know your time is rare, giving a feedback is always the best way to show how much you enjoyed the date with your favourite escort model.

Give a feedback about your favourite escort model!

Be as honest as you can…

For sure everybody loves to hear how great they have done their job. Our escort models love that as well as we love to hear that. But this will not help any of us to truly improve our services.

Please try to be as honest as you can.

Thank you!

Give a feedback about our agency!

Also our agency would love to receive your feedback…

Did you like our hotline service?
Did we take enough time for you?
What did you like most about our style or way to treat you?

But please also tell us, what you did not like about our agency and what we could improve. We are determined to offer you the best and fairest service we are able to offer.

Only though your honest opinion our agency will become even better!