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...natural beauty
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Charm meets pure elegance.
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...too beautiful to be true.
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...like chocolate and silk
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A fresh and youthful aura and a natural look.
More and more clients call attention to their big preference to natural looking ladies. The trend of super long nails, fake eyelashes and silicon breasts finally seem to be over. Back to nature is the new motto our agency and so also our models enrapture you - our dear clients and guests.
You find yourself in that statement? Then you are totally right at our agency.


But not only the look is important to the modern man. The mix of appearance and cleverness enthuses a gentleman. A real high class escort with eloquence, charm and the ability of creating a good level of conversation are the “tricks” which turn a usual escort date into a memorable experience which will let you keep smiling about it even weeks ago.
Out of that reason we only accept applicants who go to university or do already have a usual job. Who experiences more has more to tell about!

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Our most important target is and will always be finding a lovely escort lady which suits your optic imaginations, your intellectual expectations and last but not least the character and common interests. Especially for longer escort dates all aspects needs to suit and so that we know every single of our ladies in person, we will definitely find your perfect match escort.


The topping, the cherry on the cake, which turns a nice evening into an outstanding experience is the true passion to the side job of being a high class escort. And this is no empty phrase. So that our team all have experience in the high end escort branch we got to enjoy it’s benefits and lifestyle ourselves and have a sensible feeling for women’s true motives. A prize of curiosity, desire for the “kick” and the joyful anticipation of being able to enjoy a frivole and luxurious lifestyle always needs to be part of being a successful and suiting high class escort lady.

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